JOE KNEE - director/screenwriter/producer
Joe Knee graduated from BIOLA University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Radio/Television/Film. At BIOLA he earned several awards for his film SOMETHING STRANGER. Shortly after graduation, Knee wrote and directed THE LAST LEAF, a short film that was acquired internationally by HBO and is currently being developed into a feature by Knee's production company, AUTUMN ENTERTAINMENT. In 2003, Knee wrote, directed and co-produced "Knock, Knock...Who's There?" as well as the short "Citizen Stinky" that participated in the 48-Hour Film Festival. Knee has gathered 15 actors, writers and producers to come together to direct his first feature. Knee is also developing a slapstick action/comedy script, FALLING FOR YOU as well as several music videos.
CHASEN LEE - writer/producer/ "JANELLE RIVERS"
Chasen Lee is a talented actress & dancer who hails from Sacramento California, and has been performing for over 15 years. Lee's screen credits include the indie films, "A New Past", "How Do I...?" and the "Survivor Project" directed by HBO Short Film-Winning director, Ben Watkins. Other projects this year include a national spot and print ad for Hertz and a role on the PBS series "Madison Heights". Chasen also starred in "Mirror Images," part of the recent Dreamworks employee screening festival. In 2003, Chasen produced the short film, "Knock, Knock...Who's There?", with Chasen cast as the lead character, Janelle. Chasen has also appeared in numerous stage performances , including the lead role of a cocaine-addict in the Unity Players Ensemble's "Chances Are" and then made a comedic turn as "Sarah" in the original play The Bulletproof Kid, directed by MTV Road Rules director Rick Telles.
WILLIAM HANFORD LEE, JR - writer/composer/producer
William Hanford Lee Jr. is a talented and self-contained singer, songwriter, composer and producer. A native of Sacramento, California, Lee has been performing since the age of 12 and writing and producing since the age of 15. As a composer he is compiling an impressive list of trailers including "Bad Boys II" (Columbia Pictures) and "House Of The Dead" (Artisan Enterainment). This talented young composer has also scored several short films, including the 2002 HBO Short Film Award winner and Sundance Film Festival selection "Quest To Ref" as well as Jamerican Film Festival selection "Knock, Knock... Who's There". As a performer, Lee performs around the country as a lead singer for the bands "Soulville" and "Powerpoint", as well as his original band "Papalee".
Arvie Lowe Jr. is a native of Los Angeles. He attended Regina's School of Performing Arts, where he studied voice and dance. Lowe's professional career began at age 12 when he went on the road as a dancer for Reebok footwear and performed in New York City, Chicago, Atlanta, Paris, and Germany. He is best known for his lead role as Boots in "Newsies". Since Newsies, he has appeared in several music videos and television shows including "Sister, Sister", "Moesha," & "Smart Guy." Most recently he has been recurring as Mr. Dig" on the hit show "Lizzie McGuire."
Terence hails from Louisiana, and has been performing all his life from church to the stage. He came to L.A. to be a star and has achieved substantial success in acting as well as singing. His film credits incude lead roles in "Friday After Next" and "Poetic Justice". Television credits include co-star roles on "NYPD Blue", "Moesha," "The Tracy Ullman Show" and "Ellen." Washington and Lowe are currently featured together in a national commercial for Florida Citrus with their rock band "Rayzing Sons."



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